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We all know Social Media is a crucial lifeline of any online business these days.

But are you on all the channels? Do you know how to use social media effectively?

Do you struggle to create engaging content that gets eyes on your stuff?

Do you see all those other Insta wonders, FB fanatics, Pinterest Gurus getting thousands of likes, comments and shares, yet you are constantly churning out posts and hearing crickets?

Are you left feeling deflated, wondering what is wrong with you. Or you see these coaches with fully optimised bio’s and killer graphics on every platform and wonder how the hell they do it, you seem to get lost for hours flaffing around trying to sort yours. You have FB and Insta because let’s face it they are the essentials, but you promised yourself 2 months ago you were really going to get your google + and youtube at least looking like it wasn’t written by a 7 year old, and still nothing, you can’t help it, you know you’ll just get lost for hours nit picking at it.

But here’s the thing, when used correctly, social media has the power to get all eyes on you, to bring in more traffic than you could imagine. But there are things you need to do. For a start, people can’t engage with you if you don’t have a presence on that platform, even if it is a barely existent one just to direct them to where you and your tribe do hang out.

It’s not all about eye catching graphics, yeah sure they are a great trick for stopping the scroll, but you need to be optimising your accounts so people can find you. Then you want high quality content to help build and solidify those relationships, remember with all marketing KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. People buy from people!

If you’re nodding your head, saying yeah that’s me, but I don’t have the time, or I lack the know how…listen up, I won’t let you use that excuse anymore.

Introducing to you the Social Up bundle, containing over 30 items, taking you step by step through the necessary steps of creating accounts on FB, Insta, Google, Reddit, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest. Not only setting them up, but optimising the hell out of them. So no more saying you don’t know what to include, or your not sure of the tech. Not only that but I am going to take you step by step how to create scroll stopping content that gets their attention.  As well as my fabulous weekly social media planner worth £20, talking you through automating and systemising, hashtags, letting your followers know you are there, recycling old content and worksheets for you to take action.

Sound good? It sure as hell should!

Can’t afford it? At this no brainer price point anyone even a newbie can afford it.

Worried it’s too advanced? Absolutely not, I create these bundles in the simplest form possible.

Don’t have the time, or just can’t be bothered? Fine, give it to your VA and have them do it for you.

With these easy to follow instructions, even your 90 year old gran could do it!

So let’s get social!

Sounds great but I am already a social media whizz…

Would you like to…?

Use the Divi Builder…

to design your pop-up!

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